VEVO, a music label joint venture, got caught with its pants down by TechCrunch’s Jason Kincaid – They illegally streamed a NFL game at a party they hosted at the Sundance festival. Yes, this is just too deliciously, hypocritically juicy.

In other circumstances whoever was responsible would face severe criminal and civil penalties for copyright infringement.

Unless, and I’m quite serious about this, the copyright laws apply to everyone, then they shouldn’t apply to anyone. The only way for the legislators and copyright holders who are fighting for tougher copyright laws to maintain any credibility whatsoever is for them to pursue any and all violators, even their own, as aggressively as they pursue everyone else.

Frankly, the VEVO execs should turn themselves in, not fight this in the least, and serve their jail time. I believe they’d serve five years.

See TechDirt for more.

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